Picture Frames

This app can help you generate a lot of picture frames, very simple to use, drag and drop image files or drag and drop from iPhoto.
Picture Frames800x500
How to use?
1.Run the program, and then from the bottom to select a photo frame templates
2.from the folder (or iPhoto), drag-and-drop photos to the corresponding box
Click on the photo, then you can:
1.Change the size of the photos
2.Change the frame size
3.In internal move photos so that you can optionally display a part of the photo
4.Generate rounded frame
5.Adjust the picture transparency
6.Rotating pictures
7.Transparent frame, display only photo
How to change the size of the photos?
Click on the corresponding photo, and then use the mouse wheel or using the trackpad
5. How to move the position of the frame in the photo?
Click on the corresponding photo, and then use the mouse to drag the location or use the trackpad (two fingers sliding)
6. Use Command + S to save the results.

7.Zoom window will generate a larger photo, click again to enlarge picture better.

thank you , if you has any problem , you can email to :


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