this application can translate flac music to mp3 format
Can convert flac to MP3 software easy to use, you can fully use your device up (iPhone, kindle, iPad, etc)

Good quality Flac format, a lot of people like to use, unfortunately your device does not necessarily support, now you do not worry, you can convert flac to MP3 format, rest assured your device must support. And do not have the sound quality loss

How to use:
1.Drag and drop files into the application Flac (non-Flac encoding format audio files will not be added)
2.Set the output quality
3.Click Start (store will automatically allow you to choose a destination folder)

What a simple operation!

Note that multiple tasks can begin at the same time, you can define your own number of tasks simultaneously allowed.
Can be the default output quality, you can set the output quality of individual files

If you have any suggestions or submit bug. Please send an email to support@xtvsoft.com, thank you

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