Audio-extractor Can convert files to WMA, MP3, m4a , aiff , wav . support rmvb, RM, avi, wmv , mkv etc . almost all popular formats . Of course, you can also convert Flac, ape to mp3 format conversion. so you can put your favorite songs converted to audio play in your device or other system above, it would be helpful to you !

How to use:
1 Drag and drop a file or the folder (automatically selects the valid file) into an application
2 Select output format and quality (can be set in the pre-default)
3 Set the output path and then click Start

Operation is very simple is not it?

Supported output format is mp3 aiff wma wav m4a

Tip: You can first set the total number of tasks running simultaneously and output quality (in Preferences),
You can also convert (flac, ape, m4a) between the sound format

If you have any suggestions and bug information
Please send us an email

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