Pdf App – Pdf Merge

A simple and practical tool lets you two or you can merge multiple pdf files, you can also specify a pdf and a few pictures merged together, and adjust the order. pdf-merger-1副本



Main features:
1. Merge multiple pdf files
2. pdf and pictures can be combined into a single pdf file
3. Support preview files (click on the file, you can preview on the right)
4. Support the encrypted pdf file
5. Support for generating pdf file attribute editing (Author Title)
6.Support select range from pdf files .

How to use:
1. Click on the “+” to select pdf files and images
2. When you select a file in the list, select one can preview
3. Adjust their order
4.If necessary, please click on the “R” button to enter the page range
5. Enter the result file attributes
6. Click Save, ok

Note that if the original pdf file is password protected, there will be added to the list after the icon indicates (a lock), in
Please enter a password before the merger (select the file, click on the right “R” above the unlock button to enter a password).

If the original pdf file has a password, enter in advance (select the file, click on the right to enter a password to unlock icon)

For any suggest and bug reports, Please email us at support@xtvsoft.com

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