How to Redeem an App Store Promo Code (Mac App Store & iOS App Store)


If you’ve been provided with an App Store promo code, here’s how to redeem it from the Mac App Store client and iOS App Store from iTunes:

Redeem a Promo Code on the Mac App Store:

Launch the Mac App Store
From the Featured or Top Charts tab, look at the right side under “Quick Links” for “Redeem” and click it
Enter the promo code
Click on “Redeem” to download the app
Redeem a Promo Code on the iOS App Store:

Launch iTunes
Click on “iTunes Store” from the left hand sidebar
Look on the right side for “Quick Links” and click on “Redeem”
Enter your promo code
Click on “Redeem” to download the app
Remember, once you have redeemed a code or bought an app, any subsequent downloads of that same app are free.

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